About Us

QuadCo was founded in 2023 as a realization of the shared dream of our studio team. Having been disenchanted by the production model of larger operations, we looked back to what initially inspired us to create furniture; the love of the craft and the culture of collaboration.

We conceived a cooperative studio workshop, each partner bringing their expertise to a project with an eye to the shared goal; creating honest furniture of the highest quality. We don’t attach ourselves to a particular style or aesthetic but rather allow the designer to interpret our form to their own use. We craft each piece with a timeless precision allowing them to become generational heirlooms.

Our market position affords us the ability to individually focus on each project coming through our doors from conception through to delivery. Each step of development and construction is treated with the utmost integrity towards the vision and expectations of our client. Our success lies in the inspiration and loyalty of the design professionals who inspire us.

Jose Hernandez

QuadCo’s “Renaissance Man”, Jose has his hands in nearly every stage of production. His twenty-five years of experience in custom furniture allows him to step in on any project and see it through to completion. His invaluable presence inspires all of our team members to never stop learning. “I know that our furniture will be handed down from one generation to the next. I love seeing the satisfaction of a repeat customer.”

Freddie Ramirez

Since the age of 15, Freddie has had a passion for woodworking. Whether hand rendering cut plans or using the latest software to engineer designs, Freddie is responsible for bringing our designs from the drawing board to the production floor. He intrinsically understands the limitations and possibilities of a design and works with the team to maximize the utility and minimize the waste of a given project. “I love to visualize what a piece is going to look like. The challenge of figuring out complex designs has led me to value one aspect of design over all others – honesty.”

Uriel Morales

Our master finisher has nearly thirty years experience heading finishing departments of industry stalwarts of reproduction furniture. His techniques and formulas have been copied but have never been duplicated. He is excited to evolve his finishing processes into the new mediums QuadCo is exploring. His love of family and his appreciation for the artistic expression of his position drive him to surpass his previous expectations on every project.

Moises Cobian

With nearly four decades experience crafting fine furniture, our workshop manager enjoys having a new challenge every day. His advanced understanding of method and materials allows Moises to lead our production team through even the most trying engineering challenge. His specialized production solutions have been borrowed by countless furniture workshops across the country. His love of family and his desire to see QuadCo grow drive him to make each piece better than the previous one. “We put our best into it, I feel like we can make anything.”