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Limba Table

As we see less and less furniture manufactured in the US we are also seeing less and less customization available to us. Using our years of combined experience enables us to turn away almost no projects that come our way.

All made by true artisans at a reasonable price in a timely manner.

When first asked to quote a dining table 132” X 52” with 2X-24” center leaves in the African species Limba, I was curious how this would look. This was an unusual request. The only time I had heard of Limba was in the guitar building. It has a very busy interesting grain pattern and coloration. I was wondering how to find boards that would be similar enough to where the leaves wouldn’t look too obviously different when the leaves were in the open position. The one saving grace was the client had requested our Mink finish which is dark and helps blend the whole thing together.

After more research, we understood what the client was looking for. When sold as a veneer, the vertica6 grain Limba takes on a whole new look. Now the lumber takes on a very contemporary look.

The problem is that the Table was only available 48/” X 96” and no extensions were not available. So after a lot of hunting around we were able to locate 3 very similar sheets, that would enable us to accommodate the customer’s requirements.

Once we determined the best layout for the top and two butterfly center leaves. We assembled the parts and glued them up and vacuum-pressed them.
You may select a base from one of our standard tables or you may choose one that’s In your imagination.
You have the opportunity to complete the design of your own clients furniture and we will build it with the same amazing quality you have come to expect from Dan Parish LTD